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Third Call of the Operational Program for Interregional Cross-Border Cooperation VIN-A Spain-Portugal, POCTEP 2021-2027

Atlantic Offshore Wind Energy. Plan for Industrial Support and Improvement of the Value Chain Linked to Offshore Wind Energy in the Galicia-North Portugal Euroregion.

Dates: 23/01/202331/12/2025

Total: 1 738 224,41 €
UDC: 217 536,87 €


In line with the Industrial Plan of the European Green Pact, the main objective of the AOWINDE project is to transform the offshore wind energy industry in the Galicia-North Portugal Euroregion, accelerating its development through public-private collaboration. During the duration of the project, technological tools will be designed and implemented to support the cross-border offshore wind energy value chain. Specialized training programs will also be created for professionals in the sector. In addition, outreach and promotion activities will be carried out to attract new players to the territory to invest in offshore wind energy.

The Aowinde project aims to position the Galicia-North Portugal Euroregion as a leader in the generation of clean and sustainable energy, thus contributing to the economic growth and sustainable development of the region.


Participación UDC

The SVP will play a key role in AOWINDE by addressing two crucial aspects:


First, a virtual pilot will be developed to simulate offshore wind farms. Advanced computational models and real data will be used to optimize their efficiency and profitability. This approach will allow exploring different configurations and operating strategies, mitigating risks and identifying best practices prior to full-scale implementation.

Second, the Emerging Technologies Observatory, a centralized platform for collecting and analyzing information on innovations and trends in offshore wind energy, will be established. This initiative will facilitate collaboration between research personnel, companies and regulators to promote the development and adoption of innovative and sustainable solutions. The purpose of AOWINDE is to boost the efficiency and competitiveness of the industry, in order to contribute to a cleaner and renewable energy transition.



You can consult all the information about the project on the website: