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SISdATA System to Increase Security/Sustainability in the Domain of Atlantic Traditional Aquaculture (NaturalTtanks and Cage Nets)

Third Call of the Operational Programme for Interregional Cross-Border Cooperation VIN-A Spain-Portugal, 2021-2027

Dates: 01/01/202431/12/2026

Amount Total: 1,22 M€  
Amount UDC: 174 973,00 €


The main objective of the SISdATA SYSTEM project is to promote sustainability and efficiency in aquaculture in the Atlantic area in order to contribute to the economic development and environmental care of the region.

It aims to validate a new information system to predict specific flow conditions in marine aquaculture farms, both inside and outside the aquaculture facilities. The new platform will integrate data from various sources, such as satellites and local water quality sensors. It will also use computational simulations and biochemical modelling to connect the different phenomena at various scales.

The new platform will be developed and tested in several case studies in the Atlantic Area with the aim of providing valuable information for optimal and sustainable management of aquaculture farms. The aim is to improve their resilience against climatic events or pollutants. This initiative is expected to have a positive economic impact for the sector, but also in other areas directly dependent on water quality in estuaries and coastal areas, such as agriculture and tourism.

Participation UDC

Within this project, the UDC is responsible for assessing the feasibility of installing offshore aquaculture cages in the Atlantic Arc.

For this purpose, computational calculations and tests in the hydrodynamic test channel of CITENI will be used.

The numerical calculations will be used to analyse aspects such as the dynamic behaviour of the cages in the face of sea currents and waves, as well as their structural resistance in the event of extreme climatic events. In-channel tests will validate these results at scale and provide experimental data to support the conclusions. This holistic approach will anticipate challenges and optimise cage design, thus contributing to the sustainable development of aquaculture in the Atlantic Arc region.


You can consult all the information about the project on the website: