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Nuevo Centro de Investigación en Tecnologías Navales e industriales (CITENI) de la Universidad da Coruña (UDC) está ubicado en el Campus Industrial de Esteiro, Ferrol.

VISÍTANOS Campus de Esteiro s/n 15403 Ferrol, a Coruña. 981 33 74 00 citeni@udc.es

The Hydrodynamic Test Channel is a unique infraestructure, one of the few existing in Spain, designed to carry out tests with scale models of ships and artefacts to study, among other things, their behaviour at sea in different wave conditions, their anhoring or to carry out self-propulsion tests both in calm waters and in waves.


grua portico
ensayos hidrodinámicos


The monitoring and tracking trolley is a motorised platform, the movement of which allows both programmableremote control and direct manual control, enabling precise tracking of the models or vehicles being tested. This platform has an approximate weight of 250 kg, a stroke that covers 45 metres of the 55 metres of the total length of the channel and dimensions of 5000 x 1130 x 355 mm. It is electrically driven and can reach a maximum speed of 3 m/s. 

The wave generator is o the pivoting flap type, capable of generating both regular and irregular waves according to different typical wave spectra (Jonswap, Bretschneider, TMA), as well as user-defined wave spectra. The generator is also equipped with an active  wave absorption system, which allows it to greatly reduce waiting times between wave tests. The generator control software has a system for collecting data on blade movement, wave height and wave period generated. 


The underwater motion capture system consists of three cameras (QUALYSIS MIQUS M3), capable of determining the movement parameters of a series of markers placed on the object whose dynamics are to be studied. By processing the data obtained with the cameras, the system is capable of measuring movements in 6 degrees of freedom without the need for physical interaction, which is particularly useful when the movements to be studied are of high amplitude. 

The wave measurement system consists of a set of gauges, a data acquisition card and software that allows wave data to be obtained at the points where they are located. In addition, the software allows post-processing of the data for further analysis. 

The inertial measurement system consists of a set of wireless IMU’s (Inertial Measurement Units) from the manufacturer XSENSE. They are composed of MEMS sensors including magnetometers, gyroscopes and accelerometers, which provide the angular velocities, accelerations, magnetic field and orientation of the model to be tested. 

ensayos hidrodinámicos
ensayos hidrodinámicos


Underwater robots.

robot submarino
robot submarino

Types of tests.

Stability and damping tests.


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