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Twin Navaux

Promoting the use of the digital twin in the naval auxiliary industry of Galicia-North Portugal

Third Call of the Operational Programme for Interregional Cross-border Cooperation VIN-A Spain-Portugal, POCTEP 2021-2027

Dates: 01/06/202331/12/2025

Dates Total: 1 386 666 €
Dates UDC: 158 594


To establish the technological and training conditions (R&D&I, human and business) necessary to facilitate the general implementation of digital twin product models in the naval auxiliary sector in the Galicia-North Portugal cooperation area.

In the naval field, the digital twin becomes relevant for its contribution to the optimisation of the support of a ship when it enters into operation. It is a business opportunity that allows a better product to be offered to customers, and the global market for digital cufflinks is expected to grow from 2100 M$ to 183 000 M$ (2022-2030). There are opportunities for the sector to become more technologically mature, but there is a need to progressively invest in capacity to generate digital product twins as a core element of its transformation.

Participation UDC


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